Pure Bliss

Every once in a while you get to witness the perfect union of two products. I'd been looking for the perfect (within budget) desktop speakers for my iPhone. I wanted a dock for the phone (for charging) that had decent sound quality along with some other basic functions e.g. alarm clock, FM radio etc. Well, let me introduce you to the Logitech Pure-Fi Express.

The only thing missing from the package is an FM radio but if the rumors are true and the next generation iPhone comes along with an FM radio, I'll be more than satisfied.

I spent a lot of time looking for these speakers primarily because they were out-of-stock at most stores in KL and Singapore. I managed to buy mine at Funan for S$129 and the sound quality is nothing short of exceptional. Infact, I'd say that this unit can give the Bose dock a run for its money.

Anyway, I don't do product reviews much but purchasing this little item made me think about the impact of technology on our lives. Imagine the attachment consumers can develop with material objects if only tech. companies apply a certain amount of care and dedication in their work. That's the industry I want to belong to and those are the kind of products I want to work on. Great work Logitech!

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