MediaCorp iPhone Radio Stations

I just noticed this update: MediaCorp has added 4 new radio stations to their iPhone application. You remember that initially they started with only 2. Loving this setup.

[Update - We now have: 938 Live, 987 FM, Class 95 FM, Lush 99.5 FM, Capital 95.8 FM, Y.E.S. 93.3 FM]

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Product integration

Think about it: before the iPhone most of us never really had a core dependency on a mobile phone as a computing platform. Now we find ourselves depending on the device (and others like it) more and more. I've found that on-the-go, the iPhone is probably the best device to have on you (duh!). I've stopped carrying around my laptop wherever I go. I attend many meetings armed only with the phone, quickly taking down notes to send over to others. I can drift around at work :) and be connected at all times as I am with my laptop. The other day someone asked me directions to a place. Only 2 years back I would pass on giving any advice. This time I loaded up Google Maps and showed him exactly the route to follow and the roads to avoid because of congestion. It's this detethering from the desk/sofa that's the most amazing aspect of using such a mobile device. It's also the merging of a number of technologies in an interface that just makes you smile. That being said, Jobs has helped identify a need but hasn't completely bought me over with the platform. I can still see myself switching to a better device, if need be.

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