The Dirty Gene

I wonder if there is something like a "Dirty Gene" or a DNA fragment that determines how dirty you'll be (as well as things around you). I'm flabbergasted by the state of toilets regardless of where they are located: cinema halls, restaurants, office buildings, clubs etc. It doesn't matter, somehow we (men in this case, can't say much about toilets for women) have the propensity to shit and piss all over the place when we need to answer nature's call. The most surprising of these places is office buildings (perhaps pubs and clubs I can understand). I have yet to go to an office building where the toilets are clean enough to be used as-is. I wonder if these same people (professionals in this case!) maintain their home toilets in the same way? Show some respect, please, for the people (elderly mostly in Singapore) who clean up after you in these places. I will completely understand your behavior if you prove to me that you piss all over the seat/floor in your house toilets as well.


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